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Bindemans to France

Establishing Church Planting Movements through Evangelism and Discipleship. Equipping French believers in the Great Commission. Penetrating the darkness of France with the Light of Christ.


We have a passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, a passion for His people, and a passion for His Glory to be known!

We believe that the ultimate purpose for our marriage, family, and our lives is to bring glory to God. Long before the two of us met, God had given each of us a heart for the nations, for missions, for His people. After much prayer, we have decided to step out in faith to pursue this dream of full-time ministry in another land, specifically France and possibly expanding further through Western Europe.

Meet Joe

Joe was participating in evangelism and discipleship with CRU at Northwestern University. By junior year God gave Joe a heart for reaching the lost, especially overseas. Joe was a part of a prayer group which gathered daily to pray for spiritual needs on campus and in individual countries around the world. Joe had been praying for God’s spirit to revive believers and awaken unbelievers in Western Europe since college days. God brought him to Leningrad, Soviet Union in 1989 to plant seeds of the Gospel where it had been denied for over 73 years. Although Europe was Christianized through the early centuries of the last millennium, in the last century Europe has largely abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More recently, Joe has been working professionally as a Project Manager (PMP) with diverse and international teams to utilize their unique gifts in achieving our common goals.

Missions Preparations

  • Trained with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) in evangelism, discipleship and multiplication 
  • Actively shared the Gospel every Spring Break with CRU’s Operation Sonshine at Daytona Beach
  • Trained in cross-cultural ministry at the University of the Nations in New York
  • Short-term Evangelistic Mission trip with a small Cru team in Leningrad, Russia in 1989

Biblical Training:

  • Self-study in topics of doctrine, evangelism & discipleship, apologetics, the Spirit-filled life, the attributes of God, and other world religions
  • Taught and trained in the Word by Dan Lewis, former professor at William Tyndale College and current teacher with YWAM’s University of the Nations
    • Trained in Old Testament, New Testament, Theology & Ethics, History & Culture, etc.

Pre-field Training:

  • Hermeneutics, Biblical Studies, Church Planting

Meet Bethany

The Lord opened Bethany’s eyes to His global mission several years ago, and specifically put France on her heart. Bethany served on a missionary internship with The Mission Society in Paris in 2010. She then devoted all her resources to preparing for full-time ministry in France by taking courses in theology, missions, and French. She taught English as a Second Language to Burmese refugees and taught ESL in a large outreach program in Louisiana. She is currently working with local believers in Mount Clemens to establish a relational evangelism and discipleship program to young moms.

Missions Preparations:

  • Currently pursuing Bachelor of Ministry in Missions through West Coast Bible College and Seminary
  • Studied Systematic Theology through Credo Courses
  • Certificate in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • Certificate in Encountering the World of Islam
  • Certificate in Teaching ESL from North American Mission Board (NAMB)
  • Self-study in Evangelism, Apologetics, Missions, Church Planting, etc

Pre-field Training:

  • Continuation of Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, Church Planting

God has given us a love and a burden for the French people that we don’t truly understand. We are incredibly excited that the Lord has called us as a family to go to France, and that He has opened up such a wonderful opportunity for us to serve and use our gifts and skills for His glory!

God has been faithful to us by leading us to an amazing sending organization, Pioneers; by providing full funding to attend their Missionary Orientation week last March just days before the event; and introducing us to people working in the field in France already. God has placed on our hearts a vision to see France become a “sending nation”, a nation that has a vibrant expression of Christ and sending their own missionaries out to fulfill the Great Commission. We have learned that Pioneers is in the planning stages of creating a “Mobilization Office” in Marseilles to train, equip, and send French believers to the mission field. It is incredibly confirming that God has given us and them the same vision for missions mobilization. We have been officially invited to join in this work in Marseilles, with the goal to arrive in 2021.



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